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Blue & White

Athletic Director
Joseph Gomulka

Steve Glawson
(1st Season in 2017)

Matt Theobold
Robert Lechner
Joe Schmidt

SJ Non-Public B




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1 State Place Winner

(DeNardo - 1996)

2 Region Champions
(Last: D'Anton - 2011)

7 District Champions
(Last: D'Anton - 2011)

Current Record: 5-2  /  Division Record: 3-0

1/16: Donovan Catholic  38  -  Pinelands  34

106: Cael Rankin (DC) p. Hayden Jeannotte  1:28
113: Fausto Garcia (DC) by forfeit
120: Riley Stephenson (P) p. Jacob Maroukis  5:55
126: Chase Barney (DC) p. Travis Brown  1:48
132: Dylan Imbrenda (P) by forfeit
138: Ryan Acosta (DC) p. Olivia Mena  1:49
145: Cristiaan Dailey (DC) d. Brennan Richardson  6-4
152: Conor Panzarella (DC) tf. Christopher Milano  17-2
160: Kelley Lutz (P) md. Shane Harrigfeld  12-0
170: Jacob Mena (P) p. Daniel Post  1:12
182: Evan Burton (P) d. Tommy Smith  7-5
195: Christopher Nielsen (P) by forfeit
220: Salvatore DiSalvo (DC) by forfeit
285: Robert Hart (P) d. Luke Barlet  7-2

1/14: Donovan Catholic  64  -  Holy Cross  15
182: Tommy Smith (DC) by forfeit
195: Salvatore DiSalvo (DC) by forfeit
220: Luke Barlet (DC) p. Kyle Chandler  3:14
285: Bobby Cristella (HC) by forfeit
106: Cael Rankin (DC) by forfeit
113: Connor Mullarkey (HC) p. Jacob Maroukis  1:26
120: Luis Navarete (DC) by forfeit
126: Chase Barney (DC) by forfeit
132: Louis Fusco (DC) by forfeit
138: Ryan Acosta (DC) p. Michael Minghenelli  1:52
145: Cristiaan Dailey (DC) md. Beau Bruneau  12-4
152: Avery DiNardi (HC) d. Conor Panzarella  8-3
160: Shane Harrigfeld (DC) p. Colin Turnbull  4:00
170: Daniel Post (DC) p. Jason Howe  5:31

1/14: Donovan Catholic  42  -  Jackson Liberty  36
170: Marc Palmieri (JL) p. Daniel Post  1:20
182: Chavis Coleman (JL) d. Tommy Smith  7-5
195: Salvatore DiSalvo (DC) by forfeit
220: Jacob Alber (JL) d. Luke Barlet  6-2
285: Tyler Seubert (JL) by forfeit
106: Cael Rankin (DC) p. Romeo Willis  3:31
113: Jacob Maroukis (DC) p. Julio Aparicio  1:59
120: Joshua Bollard (JL) p. luis Navarete  0:45
126: Jair Hatch (JL) p. Chase Barney  4:22
132: Shaun Plaza (JL) by forfeit
138: Ryan Acosta (DC) p. Csurbak Wyatt  1:38
145: Cristiaan Dailey (DC) p. Heitmann Eric  4:43
152: Conor Panzarella (DC) by forfeit
160: Shane Harrigfeld (DC) p. Jordan Gomes  1:06

1/14: East Brunswick  44  -  Donovan Catholic  33
160: Mina Meshriky (EB) p. Shane Harrigfeld  3:15
170: Kerolos Danyal (EB) tf Daniel Post  16-0
182: Jason Minikel (EB) p. Tommy Smith  0:19
195: Salvatore DiSalvo (DC) p. Daniel Mattar  3:06
220: Taylor Tiongson (EB) p. Luke Barlet  3:45
285: Jordan Pyle (EB) by forfeit
106: Cael Rankin (DC) d. Matt Wendell  11-5
113: Jacob Maroukis (DC) p. Andrew Zuckerman  3:32
120: Mitchell Polito (EB) p. luis Navarete  1:10
126: Mark Schleifer (EB) by forfeit
132: Chase Barney (DC) p. Louis LaRocca  1:39
138: Trent Stocki (EB) d. Ryan Acosta  3-2
145: Cristiaan Dailey (DC) p. Christian Perrine  1:26
152: Conor Panzarella (DC) p. Mark Basilious 1:46

1/11: Donovan Catholic  42  -  Keyport  21
106: Fausto Garcia (DC) by forfeit
113: Taylor Warwick (DC) by forfeit
120: Luis Navarete (DC) by forfeit
126: No Match
132: Louis Fusco (DC) by forfeit
138: Chase Barney (DC) p. Rayquan Brown  3:46
145: Ryan Acosta (DC) p. Barret Bremekamp  0:57
152: Skye Blanks (K) d. Shane Harrigfeld  8-4
160: No Match
170: Austin Rose (K) p. Daniel Post  1:10
182: Tommy Smith (DC) p. Michael McCahon  3:43
195: No Match
220: Devon Meza (K) p. Luke Barlet  1:28
Hwt: Erik Nellis (K) by forfeit

1/9: Holmdel  42  -  Donovan Catholic  24
152: Scott Dupont (H) p. Shane Harrigfeld  1:24
160: Tiago Braga (H) d. Daniel Post  14-7
170: Conor Panzarella (DC) d. Chris Ammirati  7-5
182: John O'Beirne (H) d. Tommy Smith  8-6
195: Sal DiSalvo (DC) p. Alexander Starr  1:37
220: Seamus Wood (H) by forfeit
Hwt: Victor Kizenko (H) d. Luke Barlet  3-2
106: Cael Rankin (DC) d. Nicholas Ammirati  9-3
113: Anthony Noor (H) p. Fausto Garcia  2:31
120: Tom Ammirati (H) p. Jacob Maroukis  1:59
126: Chase Barney (DC) p. Manar Elsakr  1:12
132: Troy Gallo (H) p. Louis Fusco  0:37
138: Dean Gallo (H) d. Ryan Acosta  6-3
145: Cristiaan Dailey (DC) p. Matthew Roden  2:49

1/4: Donovan Catholic  46  -  Lakewood  30
106: Cael Rankin (DC) p. Raymond Whitley  2:38
113: Yenfry Sanchez (L) p. Fausto Garcia  0:47
120: Jacob Maroukis (DC) p. Jonathan Tochihuilt  4:58
126: Chase Barney (DC) p. Diego Leyva  3:29
132: Cristian Ruiz (L) p. Louis Fusco  3:29
138: Ryan Acosta (DC) p. Japhet Campillo  3:14
145: Cristiaan Dailey (DC) p. Antonio Cummings  1:45
152: Shane Harrigfeld (DC) p. Dmytro Lakusta
160: Conor Panzarella (DC) p. Marco Morales  2:58
170: Isaiah Francis (L) p. Daniel Post  0:28
182: Dante Morris (L) p. Tommy Smith  11-5
195: Soso Chakiashuili (L) p. Luke Barlet  4-3
220: Salvatore DiSalvo (DC) p. Jose Ramos  8-0
285: Louis Garcia (L) by forfeit

12/28: Griffins Finish 4th at Holmdel Holiday Tournament


1st Place

145: Cristiaan Dailey - Outstanding Wrestler

2nd Place
106: Cael Rankin
152: Conor Panzarella

3rd Place
113: Jacob Maroukis
195: Sal DiSalvo

12/16: Griffins Finish 8th at Neptune Classic


1st Place

152: Conor Panzarella

3rd Place
106: Cael Rankin

2017 Season Preview

Head Coach: Steve Glawson (1st Season)

2016 Record: 6-21
8th Place District 24
State Sectional Qualifiers
7th Place B-South
12th Place Holmdel Holiday Tournament
9th Place Icebreaker

New head coach Steve Glawson takes over a Donovan Catholic program coming off one of their best seasons in years. Last year, the Griffins advanced three wrestlers into the Region Tournament for the first time since 1989, and they are all back. Joined by a handful of returning starters, and a promising incoming group of frosh, Donovan is looking towards even bigger things in 2017.

The bulk of returning talent and experience returns from 145-195, headlined by Donovan's returning District medal winners: Cristiaan Dailey, Conor Panzarella, and Sal DiSalvo. Both DiSalvo and Panzarella punched their Region tickets by advancing to the finals of the District 24 Tournament, while Dailey, who led the team in victories with 31, placed 3rd. Ryan Acosta, the lone senior of the lineup, also returns after a 16-win season. Fellow junior starters Shane Harrigfeld, Brandon Gonzalez, and Thomas Smith are also back, giving the Griffins a pretty nice run in this particular stretch.

Down low, the group will be VERY young. Sophomore Fausto Garcia is the lone starter back, but the Griffins have some very promising frosh incoming, including Tri-County Champ, Cael Rankin, that will look to make an immediate impact.

Over the years, a problem for the Griffins has been a relative lack of experience for a lot of the incoming classes. However, coach Glawson worked real hard down at St. Joseph the last few years to build the feeder system, and now joins them up the varsity level. Things certainly look as bright for the program as they have in quite some time. Overall, this is a young group, but the lineup looks a good as it has in quite some time. The six wins from a year ago is a bit deceiving as there were several losses due to forfeits. With the numbers stronger, if the team stays healthy, look for them to increase the win total in 2017. Individually, you have the three District medal winners from a year ago who have put the work in with an eye on deeper post-season runs from a year ago, and a couple more here that would like to join them. Potential for some good stuff from the Griffins in 2017.

Possible Lineup in 2017
 (Fr) Cael Rankin

 (So) Fausto Garcia

 (Fr) Taylor Warwick

 (Fr) Jacob Maroukis

 (Fr) Luis Naverrete

 (So) Louis Fusco

 (Jr) James Barney

 (Jr) Cristiaan Dailey
3rd D24 / 44 career wins
 (Sr) Ryan Acosta
31 career wins
 (Jr) Shane Harrigfeld

 (Jr) Conor Panzarella
2nd D24 / 33 career wins
 (So) Dan Post

 (Fr) Joe Hanneman

 (Jr) Brandon Gonzalez

 (Jr) Thomas Smith

 (Jr) Sal DiSalvo
2nd D24 / 39 career wins
 (Fr) Luke Barlet


Graduated in 2016
 Carlos Leon Garcia
 Alex Palacio

Donovan Catholic Wrestling